Technology &
Training Aids
Casio Exilim 
Paxton uses both the Casio Exilim F1 and the Casio Exilim Ex-FH20. Both are state of the art high speed cameras that shoot up to 1000 frames per second. Paxton believes that due to the speed of golf swings, that instructors aren't credible with out the use of a high speed camera. With the use of video feedback, players can get better at a faster rate. When linked with video analysis software, it can be used to track performance and ultimately help in progressing the player toward their goals. 
 Earnest Sports
Paxton currently uses the Earnest Sports ES14 Launch Monitor to track and record the parameters provided by the ES14. This data helps Paxton in helping his students to succeed!
Training Aids
Paxton believes that by using training aids, players can succeed faster. When using a training aid, the training aid must be relevant to the swing issue, and progress the player toward the intended goal. Listed below are a few of Paxton's favorite training aids. 

Paxton's Favorites
The Educator
The player in the picture on the left raised the arms too much and had undesireable wrist alignments. The player worked with The Educator over a weeks time and the results were fantastic. The player on the right moved the hands inward more and the wrist alignments were much better due to the work with The Educator. 
"I like The Educator because it is versatile. It allows you to work on a multitude of things in your game. It allows the player to get a feel for what they are trying to do by putting them in the correct positions. This training aid allows the player to get correct feedback on their own. It makes practice sessions more effective and ultimately gets the player hitting better golf shots... You cannot argue with positive results, and this training aid consistently creates positive results."

-Paxton Clabaugh, PGA
The Smart Ball
The player on the left separated the elbows and lifted the arms throughout the backswing, as a result, the player seen extreme inconsistency. In just 3 days of practice with the Smart Ball, the player on the right was able to "squeeze" the elbows closer together, and not lift the arms as drastically. This change resulted in a dramatic change in ball flight. 
"The Smart Ball is the ultimate training aid in keeping connections in the golf swing. It can be used for a multitude of things and it helps to create a consistent tight pattern in the geometry of the golf swing. This is one of the most effective teaching and training aids on the market, and it gives immediate feedback to the player. I highly recommend this training aid to anyone looking to get better on their own."

-Paxton Clabaugh, PGA