Student Success
Just a few examples from hard working students!
  1. Motivated Junior Golfer
    Motivated Junior Golfer
    Great change from a hard working junior golfer! This was a change over about a 6 month period
  2. Mike Ford
    Mike Ford
    Mike went from hitting down too much and taking large divots and hitting massive pull slices, to hitting shallow high push draws!
  3. Justin Lotz
    Justin Lotz
    Justin struggled with remaining in flexion over his entire career. Over the course of about 2 months, he was able to get more extension!
  4. Meme Leonard
    Meme Leonard
    Student working on wrist alignments over a weeks period, after a week, she was crushing it!
  5. Zach Stuart
    Zach Stuart
    Player remained in flexion in the backswing, and it resulted in poor contact, after one week, the player began to tilt to the left and began seeing improved contact!
  6. Bryan Mulcrone
    Bryan Mulcrone
    Hard working student working on getting more weight forward in the followthrough for improved contact!
  7. Hard Working Student
    Hard Working Student
    This student worked on getting the head centered, by doing this, she seen improved consistency of the low point.
  8. Motivated Junior Golfer
    Motivated Junior Golfer
    Junior worked over a 2 month period to refine his pattern and hit more consistent golf shots!
  9. George Cascino, PGA
    George Cascino, PGA
    George worked on variables in the followthrough to control the curvature of the golf shot, Great work George!
  10. Blake Kelley
    Blake Kelley
    Adams Tour player Blake Kelley increasing his clubbed speed by 10mph.
  11. Hard Working Student
    Hard Working Student
    Student works to move the hand path more inward at p3.
  12. Hard working student
    Hard working student
    Working trail arm structure to clean up the movement.
  13. Hard working student
    Hard working student
    Student works to move the hand path more outward at p5 and lay the shaft down more.
  14. Motivated Student
    Motivated Student
    Student works structure at the top.
  15. Pelvis Work
    Pelvis Work
    Pelvis back vs. Pelvis forward to better control the low point. Great work here.
  16. Removing the Death Shot
    Removing the Death Shot
    No more pesky push cut by adding flexion to the lead wrist.
  17. Pelvis work at Impact
    Pelvis work at Impact
    Moving the pelvis forward at p7 to better control the low point.
  18. First time student
    First time student
    Student works to increase hip and shoulder turn. Student seen almost double the amount of hip and shoulder turn.
  19. Managing the radius
    Managing the radius
    Player works to hold the integrity of the circle. The player seen and increase in control over curvature.
  20. Working to manage the circle
    Working to manage the circle
    Player works to better manage the circle. This player seen a tighter shot cone as a result.
  21. Impact Alignments
    Impact Alignments
    Player works to get the handle more forward by holding the flying wedges. Resulted in better control over the low point.
  22. Pelvis orientation
    Pelvis orientation
    Working to get the pelvis in the correct place. Getting rid of the negative sway on the left.
  23. Arms Straight
    Arms Straight
    Keeping the arms straight to better maintain the radius of the circle.
  24. Structure at P4
    Structure at P4
    Player learns to better utilize the legs to create a solid base and better structure the top of the backswing
  25. Managing the extension
    Managing the extension
    Player learns how to better manage the extension in the golf swing.
  26. Legwork
    Better legwork to the top. Results changed the ball flight drastically.
  27. P8
    Working to get the arms straighter.